What Is the Stethoscope Effect?

- Oct 16, 2018-

The stethoscope effect, that is, the earplug wire or the unit is subjected to external collision or air friction, and the generated vibration is directly transmitted to the ear canal through the earplug wire, resulting in a very unpleasant sound.

How to solve the stethoscope effect

1. You can try the ear hook and change the ordinary earphone to the ear type to reduce the stethoscope effect.

2, wearing the ear around the side, and using the wire clip, the end of the line is fixed with a rubber band or clip clamped, through the method of stabilizing the line to reduce the sway friction;

3. It is also a good way to walk the line inside the clothes and reduce the sway of the line;

4. Lift the headphone cable close to the player's section. It is better to draw the distance from the earbuds. This reduces the length of the thread, avoids excessive contact and friction, and it is suitable to place the portable player to the chest pocket.



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