What Is the Sound Reinforcement System in the Multi-purpose Hall?

- Jan 17, 2019-

  The sound reinforcement system in the multi-purpose hall is mainly to provide excellent sound effects for playing movies and performances. Usually, depending on the size of the hall and the function requirements, a dozen or even dozens of speakers are selected for sound reinforcement. In addition, the system should also include audio source devices such as wired microphones, wireless microphones, and DVD players, as well as control and processing devices such as mixers, digital audio processors, equalizers, and effects devices, which are appropriately increased or decreased according to the functional requirements of the multi-function hall. If you add a karaoke song system, you can make the multi-function hall more entertaining. If the function of the whole system is more complete, it is also possible to add related recording and video recording equipment. The video display system in the multi-purpose hall is usually implemented by means of a lifting projector combined with an electric projection screen. When playing a movie or displaying other video information, the projector can be displayed by simply lowering the lifting projector and the electric projection screen. In many such halls, wall-mounted plasma TVs are also used to display video information.


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