What Is the Sound Reinforcement System?

- Jul 18, 2018-

The sound reinforcement system is also known as the professional sound system. There is a misunderstanding in the society that the sound reinforcement system is very simple. Just connect the microphone (and other sound sources), the mixer, the power amplifier and the speaker box together to form a sound reinforcement project. This understanding has caused many owners to invest a lot of money. The sound reinforcement effect of the available language is that the sound is ambiguous. The interference of the feedback whistling makes the sound unable to open, and the sound quality changes during the music playback. The sound reinforcement system is a systematic project involving various fields such as electronic technology, electroacoustic technology, sound construction technology and acoustic art. It must also be associated with video systems (multimedia projection and camera systems), stage or ballroom lighting systems, and fire broadcasts. Close coordination and coordination of subsystems such as systems, paging broadcast systems and security systems.

The acoustics of the sound reinforcement system are not only related to the overall performance of the electroacoustic system, but also to the sound propagation environment – architectural acoustics and live tuning. The function and sound effect of the sound reinforcement system involve the correct and reasonable electroacoustic system design and debugging, good sound propagation conditions and the correct on-site tuning technology. The electroacoustic system is like a car driving on a highway. The sound conditions are like roads. The tuner is like a car driver. If the performance of the car is a necessary condition for safe and fast driving, the quality of the road surface is an important basis for balanced and fast driving. The driving skills and experience of the driver are the basic guarantee for ensuring safe driving. The three complement each other and are indispensable. As a system problem, the sound reinforcement system must comprehensively consider the above various problems in the system design. On the basis of selecting electro-acoustic equipment with good performance, through careful system design, careful system debugging and good sound-building conditions, the sound effect is pleasant and natural.



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