What Is the Same-frequency Interference?

- Jul 23, 2018-

The same-frequency interference is that the frequency you use has other wireless signals, thus hindering the signal propagation of our wireless microphone. This interference enters the machine through the antenna of the receiver, so that we cannot receive the signal of the wireless microphone normally.

1. When the walkie-talkie, especially some high-power transmitters work, the spurious emissions are particularly large. Maybe it works at a frequency other than the one we use, but due to out-of-band emissions such as parasitic, harmonics, etc., it should be possible to generate some incidental emissions that fall into our frequency of use, causing interference to our wireless microphones.

2. The operating frequency of other wireless transmitting instruments, equipment, microphones, home appliances, and base stations may be the same as the frequency we use, which causes the wireless microphone signal to be interfered with.



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