What Is the Role of the Broadcast Partitioner?

- Jul 31, 2018-

The main function of the broadcast partitioner is to enable partition control and management of the broadcast service area. We know that the broadcast service area covered by the same broadcast system may be very large, including many functional areas, and these areas may need different broadcast status at the same time, then the areas of these different functions need to be partitioned and Control, such as at the same time, some areas are playing background music while others are paging, and some areas are not broadcast, in this case, using the broadcast partitioner can play different content in different areas The role, which is what we call the role of partition control. The usual broadcast partitioner is provided with an emergency power amplifier input channel, one (or four) ordinary power amplifier input channel, and one alarm trigger input port, which is connected with a fire linkage device (such as an alarm matrix) or a fire center, which one The partition (or some partitions) has an alarm trigger, and this (or these) partitions will automatically enter the emergency broadcast state.

The capacity of each amplifier input channel of the broadcast partitioner can reach 2000W, and the output capacity of each channel output channel can reach 500W (but the total output capacity cannot exceed the capacity of the input channel). The alarm trigger input level can be preset, and can be set to active low or set to active high.



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