What Is The Role Of A Sound Engineer?

- Jun 19, 2018-

The sound engineer is also called live sound engineer or PA (public address). Simply speaking, it is the person who is responsible for delivering the music of musicians or performers to the audience. However, the thing to do is not just to adjust the volume or timbre.

The sound engineer needs to feel the sound field of the whole music at the same time to adjust the presentation of the music, and the presentation of the music will also be affected by the number of people on the spot, the size of the space and the quality of the speakers, and it must be confirmed with the musician or performer before the start of the performance. What effect does today's show want?

Usually a sound engineer with enough experience, his hands are less likely to leave the mixer (sound control panel). Because the presentation of music is very real-time, if there is any change at the moment, the sound controller must be very sensible to the music and must immediately adjust the sound so that the audience and performers can hear the beautiful performance. Therefore, it is better for the sound engineer to understand the music or play some kinds of musical instrument; otherwise the way of presenting the music will be difficult to satisfy the audience and musicians.

The size of the volume adjustment is that the current performance may be focused on the drummer's stress or the guitar solo. However, a musician performing on a stage may not be able to adjust his volume in time, so the sound engineer may increase his voice or reduce other unnecessary sounds first.

On the other hand, the music heard by the musicians standing on the stage is totally different from the audience. What the stage musician hears is the monitor horn, and the audience hears the outfield horn; the monitor horn faces the people on stage, and the field horn is towards the audience. Because of the sound transmission, the sounds heard will be different. If the horns are all towards the audience, the performers on the stage will not be able to hear the sound clearly; if they do not hear clearly, they will strongly affect the performance of the performers, so they need monitor speakers.

Therefore, the sound engineer also needs to adjust the volume and sound quality of each monitor speaker on the stage, adjust the sound that is required near a certain musician, and let the musician hear the sound of himself, and reduce the noise on the stage.



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