What Is the Recording Sound Card?

- Feb 27, 2019-

1. Recording rate of recording sound card, up to 192kHz (the higher sampling rate of ordinary sound card is 44.1kHz).

2. the board work fine, the components used materials, with high performance indicators (low distortion, high signal to noise ratio, etc.).

3. In order to reduce the electromagnetic interference from the inside of the computer, the high-quality professional sound card designs the A/D and D/A conversion circuits into separate external boxes. On the one hand, the metal casing enhances the shielding effect on the interference signal. On the other hand, the various input and output jacks designed on the external box are much more convenient than the plugs on the back panel of the computer.

4. Like a powerful hardware 3D engine on a professional graphics card, some high-quality professional sound cards also have multiple hardware digital audio processing (ADSP) chips.

5. In terms of driving, the professional sound card not only supports the MME and WDM drivers of ordinary multimedia sound cards, but also supports the driving interfaces such as ASIO, GSIF and EWDM which are necessary in professional audio software. Even with large amounts of audio data, the delay in sound is much lower than the smaller units that professionals can tell.



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