What Is the Recording and Production Process?

- Sep 26, 2018-

1. Recording and production of indoor art programs

The recording and production of cultural programs is an artistic re-creation, but in terms of expression, it is different from literary works or stage performance art. In the production of the program, the sound engineer uses the electroacoustic technology and various acoustic equipment to creatively record the sound signal on a magnetic tape or other carrier.

(1) Music programs are divided into musical instruments and vocal music. Instrumental programs include solo, ensemble, concerto, and ensemble.

Vocal music programs include folk, popular, and children's voices, as well as solo, chorus, and chorus. A drama program is a program that combines vocal music with instrumental music and language. Such as Beijing opera, poetry and various folk arts, local operas, etc.

(2) Literary programs refer to language-based programs such as drama, storytelling, story, allegro, poetry, etc.

The frequency bandwidth, sound level and dynamic range of the literary program are high. The high-quality microphone and recording equipment should be used for recording, and the sound recording should be obtained by an experienced sound engineer to obtain excellent sound recordings. The pickup of the literary program can be performed by a condenser microphone, an aluminum belt or a moving coil microphone.

(3) Method of picking up a symphony program

Symphony is one of the big music. When recording the symphony, be sure to pay attention to the configuration of the microphone. The directivity and characteristics of the microphone should be consistent with the characteristics of the instrument. For the weak music, an auxiliary microphone should be added. For different studios, the number of microphones used, the height from the ground and the angle of the sound source are different. It is necessary to use different characteristics of the microphone according to the specific situation of the band. At the same time, the band should pay attention to its natural balance. When the band is playing, because of the great dynamics, the intensity difference of the sound sometimes reaches 100dB or more. Therefore, it is necessary to properly control the recording quality in time, so that the sounds of the front, back, left and right of the band are fully wide-ranging and fully reflected.

2. Recording and production of language programs

Although the sound level of the language program signal is smaller than the sound level of the instrument performance signal, its direction is extremely strong. The recording of language programs is based on clarity and intelligibility. In order to improve the clarity of the language program, a studio with reverberation time and sound insulation measures should be used.

The recording and production of language programs refers to the collection and production of language as a sound source, such as news reports in radio programs, poetry readings, and movie commentary and so on. The language program signal is transient and is the sum of the vocal power and duration. According to the results of spectrum analysis, the concept of average sound power should generally be used.

(1) When there is only one broadcaster who broadcasts news reports and commentary, there is usually only one single-directional microphone.

The distance between the microphone and the sound source is about 20 to 30 cm. If two people share a microphone, both must be aligned with the active pickup area of the microphone, otherwise the quality of the pickup will be greatly affected. If two people share a two-way microphone to pick up the sound, according to the sound characteristics and strength of the two, the distance between the two people and the microphone can be appropriately adjusted to achieve the harmony and volume balance of the two people.

(2) Select the appropriate microphone based on the vocal conditions of the presenter, the characteristics of the speech signal, the special requirements of the program, and the characteristics of the microphone.

Language program recording can generally choose moving coil or condenser microphone, but other types of microphones can also be selected according to actual conditions because the dynamic microphone is characterized by clarity, durability and low price. Therefore, it should be the first choice, and the condenser microphone has good amplitude-frequency characteristics and high sensitivity. Therefore, it should be used in the recording of high-quality language programs.

(3) Using a single microphone to pick up the sound, it is easier to determine the pickup position, and the adjustment operation is simpler, but it is only suitable for small-scale recording occasions. If the number of people participating in the recording is large, it is necessary to use multiple microphones to record.



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