What Is the Function of the Audio Processor in the Sound System?

- Nov 10, 2018-

An audio processor, also known as a digital processor, is a process for processing digital signals.

The main role in the sound system is:

1. Control the input level of the processor. Generally adjustable range is around 12 decibels.

2. Input equalization: generally adjust the frequency, bandwidth or Q value, gain.

3. Input delay: some delay on the input signal, generally the overall delay adjustment in the auxiliary time.

4. Polarity conversion: divided into two parts, the input part and the output part, which can convert the polarity phase of the signal between positive and negative.

5. Signal input distribution routing (ROUNT): the role is to let this output channel choose which input channel to accept the signal.

6. Band pass filter: divided into high-pass filter and low-pass filter, used to adjust the upper and lower frequency limits of the output signal.



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