What Is the Frequency Characteristic of the Speaker?

- Jul 18, 2018-

The frequency characteristic of the speaker refers to the law that the output sound pressure of the speaker on the reference axis changes with the frequency of the input signal when the signal voltage of the input speaker is constant. It is a frequency response (frequency response) curve that varies with frequency, reflecting the speaker's ability to radiate sound waves of different frequencies.

The frequency response curve of the speaker is an irregular continuous curve with many peaks and valleys. The resonant frequency of the speaker is used as the low frequency limit frequency, and the intersection of the high frequency end of the frequency response curve is taken as the high frequency upper limit frequency. The frequency range is between the low frequency lower limit and the high frequency upper limit. It is called the effective frequency range of the speaker.

The flatter the frequency response curve of the speaker, the smaller the frequency distortion and the wider the effective frequency range.

Generally, the frequency range of the woofer is between 20HZ and 3KHZ, the frequency range of the midrange speaker is between 500HZ and 5KHZ, and the frequency range of the tweeter is between 2 and 20KHZ.



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