What Is The Connection Sequence Of Audio Equipment?

- Jun 19, 2018-

The composition of audio equipment system:

1. Audio source (music player equipment, pickup equipment that is microphone)

2. Control equipment (analog mixer, digital mixer, digital audio media matrix, AV digital management center)

3. Peripheral equipment (processors, equalizers, limiters, dividers, drivers, delayers, effects, feedback suppressors)

4. Restore equipment (speaker or speaker system, power amplifier, power amplifier

5. The connection line (the above equipment from a variety of different types of wire, cable connected together to form a unified sound system.)


The connection sequence of audio equipment:

1. Bass system equipment connection sequence:

Mixer (1-2 group) Equalizer Divider Compressor Bass Amplifier Subwoofer.

2. Auxiliary audio system equipment connection sequence:

Mixer (3-4 groups) Equalizer Delayer (optional) Limiter Auxiliary speaker amplifier Auxiliary speaker.

3. The main audio system equipment connection sequence:

Mixer (L-R main channel) Equalizer Actuator (optional) Feedback suppressor (optional) Compressor Main speaker amplifier Main speaker.

4. Monitoring system equipment connection sequence:

Mixer (AUX output) Equalizer Compressor Monitor Speaker Amplifier Monitor Speaker.



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