What Is Stochastic Noise?

- Jul 02, 2018-

Stochastic noise is a kind of non-periodic white noise, including the noise floor of each component in the circuit, and the thermal noise generated by the thermal motion of electrons and the disturbing current noise of the transistor when the temperature rises. Random noise is a common phenomenon in which the energy is evenly distributed over the entire spectrum. The energy between 20Hz and 1KHz is only 5% of the total energy, and the ratio of thermal noise is between 10 and 20KHz. It is as high as 50%, so it gives people a high-frequency noise sensation. For every doubling of the passband, the random noise will increase by 3 decibels, and the noise will increase by 3 decibels for each copy of the signal. According to the energy-spectrum characteristics of random noise, it can be obtained. The low-pass filter (ie, high-cut) can suppress random noise more effectively. For example, for a speech signal, the frequency component above 10KHz is poor, so it can generally be Filter out the frequency above 10KHz, so that the main energy of the noise is eliminated without causing great damage to the sound.



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