What Is Stereo Separation?

- Jun 23, 2018-

Stereo separation is the degree of information isolation between channels in a system and is usually expressed in terms of crosstalk and channel isolation. Stereo separation is conventionally represented by the difference between the signal level of one channel in two-channel stereo and the signal level leaked to the other channel and the main signal level. Theoretically speaking, if the left channel speaker is left silent, there will be faint sounds when it is carefully listened to. This is because the right channel sound signal leaks to the left channel via power, public ground or other means. The larger the difference is, the greater the stereo separation and the better the separation. The solution is to use two independent power supplies for the two power amplifiers. The ground and other facilities are also independent of each other, or use two mono amplifiers of the same type to separately amplify the left and right channel signals to fully reduce the number of channels Interference, crosstalk occurs.



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