What Is Stereo?

- Jun 19, 2018-

The so-called stereo is a way of hearing the sound source in the space distribution. Stereo is based on the binaural effect of human beings. Now the simplest and most practical stereo is two-channel stereo. It uses two speakers to reproduce sounds. People can use the sound of two speakers to reach the relative intensity and time difference of the human ear. And the phase difference and the distribution of sound sources between two speakers. Therefore, we can change the localization of the sound image simply by adjusting the relative intensity, delay time, and phase of sound in the two speakers. If you want to reproduce the distribution of the sound source across the plane, you must use surround sound. To achieve surround sound usually requires four channels. Dolby stereo is a good representation of this kind of stereo. Now we use a surround sound processor that can convert a normal two-channel stereoscopic field into a four-channel surround sound. This is actually just a kind of simulation. It is a kind of pseudo-surround sound. It cannot really reproduce the real location of sound source. It must be emphasized that: Do not think that simply installing more than a few speakers is stereo, although doing so may make the sound sound fuller and mellow, in fact, only a similar reverb effect.



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