What Is SRS Technology?

- Jun 20, 2018-

SRS (Sound Retrieval System) is a WOW technology that has been widely used in high-end audio equipment and AV equipment. MP3's RSR function is to simulate a three-dimensional sound field through a chip that supports this function to make people have the feeling of wonders. Meizu's X2 and E2, Onda VX707, VX303 are the first to support SRS audio MP3 products, and are using the 3520 chip, 350X chip does not have SRS function. Now available on the market MP3 player The SRS sound used is not all of the SRS sound effects, but one of them: SRS WOW, which consists of SRS, TruBass and FOCUS.

WOW: Can break through the inherent limitations of small speakers and headphones, by providing 3D audio images in the horizontal and vertical position to expand the sound beyond the ability of the equipment itself. In this way, manufacturers of small audio devices, televisions, wireless and personal/portable products can significantly improve the sound effects of their products without increasing the size of the speakers. Especially in the mono or stereo audio formats such as MP3, WMA and audio CD, which are digitally compressed to greatly reduce the sense of space, the WOW modification effect is particularly remarkable.

SRS: SRS can restore spatial information masked by traditional recording and playback devices. By decomposing the stereo signal into multiple parts, it can separate and restore the spatial signal or the environmental information presented by the original recording. And put them in the normal space of direct sound. These spatial signals are processed by the patented amplitude-frequency response calibration curve. In this way, the reproduced sound will be very close to the kind of live effect that the artist originally envisioned. The SRS has no so-called sweet spot, so the music and sound seem to fill the room, leaving the listener completely surrounded by a full three-dimensional sound.

TruBass: TruBass is a patented SRS technology that uses patented human voice psychology to enhance bass performance. These techniques can use the harmonization expressed in the original audio source to reproduce low-frequency information. Recovers the feeling of a basic low-frequency tone - even if this information is below the low frequency limit of the speakers and headphones. So TruBass can show octave lower than the low frequency limits of small, medium and large speakers and headphones, and has a deep sense of hearing.

FOCUS: FOCUS creates a sense of height in the sound image by boosting the sound field. When combined with SRS 3D, FOCUS amplifies the sound image, producing a very wide, sweet spot with a wide sweet spot. In addition, FOCUS can improve the high-frequency permeability so that listeners can immerse themselves. In products where the speaker is lower than the sound field, such as an in-projection television or a car speaker mounted on a door panel, FOCUS will electronically adjust the position of the sound field to the best position in front of the listener.



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