What Is Spring Reverberator?

- Aug 27, 2018-

The spring reverberator consists of a reverse-phase torsion spring in a free state, which generates vibration by the transmission of a torsional moment. Each end of the spring has a set of two coiled coils forming a moving coil system and placed in a strong magnetic field. The signal that needs to be mixed is sent to one coil of the moving coil system, and the other coil is picked up, and at the same time, a part of the picked-up signal is inverted by 180 degrees, and then amplified and sent to the previous coil, so that a spring end is generated. The adjustable reaction force that controls the vibration of the spring, in addition, according to the feedback principle, a suitable damping material is placed along the spring to control the reverberation time, and the signal is adjusted by the correction circuit to adjust the frequency response characteristic. Compared with the plate reverberator, the spring reverberator has the characteristics of low cost, small volume, movable and sound insulation and vibration resistance, but its acoustic dyeing phenomenon is obvious, and the high frequency is poor.



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