What Is Sound System Test?

- Jul 17, 2018-

1. After confirming that the connection lines of each device are properly connected, check whether the push rods and knobs of each device are in the correct position. Then power is on, visually check whether the power of each device is powered;

2. Turn off the power amplifier volume output potentiometer and play a familiar music signal (adjusted in the parameter balance of the mixer). Push the total output of the mixer (return output) to 0db, and push the signal channel to 0db. Adjust the gain so that the mixer output level indicator is at 0db (the best signal output state). Check whether the signal indicators of the mixer, each peripheral, and the amplifier are displayed normally.

3. Slowly turn on the volume potentiometer of the amplifier (repeating each amplifier), check whether the corresponding speaker is normally amplified (and check whether each unit is normal);

4. Pull down the total output of the mixer (return output), the volume potentiometer of all the amplifiers is turned to the maximum, and then the total output volume of the mixer and the volume of the listening volume are slowly pushed to 0db. At the center of the audience area (with the stage), check whether the sound is balanced (whether the phase is normal) and determine whether the sound pressure of the music signal is sufficient at each position in the audience area (and the stage).



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