What Is Sound Speed And Wavelength?

- Jun 19, 2018-

The distance traveled by a sound wave within a unit of time is called the speed of sound. The common symbol “C” indicates the unit is meters/second (M/S). In general, the speed of sound is related only to the propagation medium and its state. At normal atmospheric pressure and at a temperature of 20°C, the sound velocity in air is 344 m/s; at 15°C it is 340 m/s, and engineering calculations generally take 344. m/s (Because temperature and humidity have a greater impact on the speed of sound, the sound speed increases by 2 feet for every 1°C increase in temperature). If sound waves propagate in water, the speed of sound is about 1485 m/s, 1500 m/s in seawater, 3320 m/s in wood, and 5,000 m/s in steel.

The speed of sound is used in indoor acoustic design and sound reinforcement techniques and is usually calculated in milliseconds, ie, 1/1000th of a second, 1S/1000, abbreviated MS.

The distance traveled by a sound wave vibration is a wavelength, commonly denoted by “λ”, and the unit is meter (M). The sound wave wavelength and the early reflection sound velocity and frequency are controlled within 50MS. The distance traveled at 50MS under normal temperature is 340M 0.05=17M. To record this value, it is a limit, and the early reflection sound within 50MS, Helps to enhance direct sound. More than 50MS of reflected sound affects sharpness. Department is as follows:

λ=C/f (f is frequency)

Thus, under the same conditions, the higher the frequency is, the shorter the wavelength is. For example, in normal temperature air, the wavelength of the 20HZ sound wave is 17.20 meters, and the sound wave frequency of the 5 KHz wave is 0.0688 meters.



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