What Is Sound Source?

- Jul 02, 2018-

A sound source is a vibration system that emits sound energy, such as a human mouth, a musical instrument, and a speaker. The wavelength of the acoustic wave emitted by the sound source is much larger than the size of the sound source. The lateral sound source can be seen as a point. The acoustic wave travels on all four sides in the form of a spherical wave. If the size of the sound source's sounding surface is much larger than the wavelength of the sound wave, the sound is concentrated in one direction. Broadcasting a bunch of directional sounds, the constant pointing horn-type high-speaker tweeter and the new slot-producing speaker will have a directional sound, a constant pointing horn tweeter, and a directional sound. The new type of slot sound box will have a relatively good phenomenon of focusing in one direction, which will increase the efficiency of sound energy emitted by the sound box and make the sound travel farther.



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