What Is Sound Insulation Treatment?

- Jun 20, 2018-

In order to create a quiet sound field and avoid impact on the units and residents in the surrounding environment, sound insulation treatment should be first considered at the beginning of sound field design in order to provide a sound environment for the sound field. Sound insulation treatment involves construction and sound insulation with the outside world, sound insulation of the rooms in the building. The soundproof parts include sound insulation of partition walls, sound insulation of doors and windows, sound insulation of the ceiling of the room with the same ceiling, and so on.

For soundproofing with the outside world, the general building structure can meet the basic sound insulation requirements, but if the building design does not consider the need for sound engineering at all, it is necessary to investigate the sound insulation situation and, if necessary, design the building. The unit consults with the public security agency to understand local noise restrictions. Usually do not use the height of the floor as a sound engineering for the sound insulation between the rooms, if the walls are too thin, it will bring a certain degree of difficulty to the project, this time to negotiate with the decoration unit to add a layer of wall when the decoration Separated to solve the high frequency sound insulation.

Low-frequency sound insulation is more difficult to solve completely, because there is no other effective method other than increasing the weight of the sound insulator.

Doors and windows are the weak links for sound insulation processing. For their sound insulation, it is advisable to propose to the decoration companies to improve the quality of doors and windows. If necessary, leather doors and double-glazed windows are used, or the isolation passages and thick suspensions on the windows are added outside the doors. Double curtains and so on.

The sound insulation of the roof ceiling of the top-through room is also more critical, especially in the large-scale entertainment establishments built in recent years, the sound of the hall has a great influence on the surrounding packages, and part of the interference is transmitted from the top of the ceiling. Some soundproofing solutions cannot be proposed too late, otherwise it is difficult to implement, so audio designers are asked to pose questions to the decoration unit as soon as possible and coordinate a feasible solution. For example, cover the ceiling with a layer of fire-resistance sound-absorbing cotton or add a layer of ceiling to the top of the ceiling.



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