What Is Sound Effect Technology?

- Nov 05, 2018-

Hardware 3D sound effect technology is now more common in SRS, APX, Spatializer 3D, Q-SOUND, Virtaul Dolby and Ymersion. Although they implement different methods, they can make people feel the obvious three-dimensional sound field effect. The other three are more common. They all use the extended stereo (Extended Stereo) theory, which is to add additional processing to the sound signal through the circuit, so that the listener feels that the sound image orientation is extended to the outside of the two speakers, thereby expanding the sound image and giving people sense of space and three-dimensionality, resulting in a wider stereo effect. There are also two sound enhancement technologies: active electromechanical servo technology (essentially using the Helmholtz resonance principle), BBE high-definition plateau sound reproduction system technology and "phase fax" technology, which also has a certain effect on improving sound quality. For multimedia speakers, the SRS and BBE technologies are relatively easy to achieve and can effectively improve the performance of the speakers.



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