What Is Sound Card?

- Jul 02, 2018-

The sound card is a multimedia computer sound processing unit, consisting of hardware and software. After the computer is equipped with a sound card, human-computer "voice interaction" can be realized, and the computer can be connected with the electronic synthesizer through the sound card's MIDI interface, and computer music production, performance and sound processing can be further expanded to further expand the field of audiovisual systems of computer music and family.

The sound card uses two different types of technologies on the circuit, namely frequency modulation synthesis technology or waveform table synthesis technology, and the cost and sound effects are different. Frequency modulation synthesis technology uses a computational method to generate a sine wave to simulate the sound of a real instrument. It does not require a large-capacity memory to achieve multiple sound reproductions. The circuit is simple and low-cost, but the sound is not good, generally used for low-end sound cards. . The wavetable synthesis technology uses the digital fitting method to sample various instrument sounds in advance memory, which can be called as a sound source at any time, so the sound is natural and realistic, and is generally used for medium and high sound card.



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