What Is Softness Of The Sound?

- Jul 02, 2018-

The softness of the sound can also be referred to as the tightness of the sound. Generally, for the bass effect, it has a great influence on the artistic style of reproducing the sound. In most cases, the softness of the bass should be kept moderate, but in the performance of certain special music styles, the softness of the sound must have a certain emphasis, so as to make the music style more prominent, such as the sound of rock music is harder, and symphony should be softer. Soft bass generally sounds long bass lengths, and hard bass has strong intensity. Damping coefficient and slew rate can determine the softness of the sound, and the speaker is the most important part to determine the soft and hard sound. At present, many audio peripherals can adjust the bass's softness, such as actuators, compressors, and equalizers, but their control mechanisms and sound effects are not the same.



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