What Is Single Reflection?

- Jul 13, 2018-

A single reflection is harmful. If the microphone picks up both the direct sound and a single reflected sound, it will cause comb filtering, which will result in spaced sound doubling and sound cancellation over the entire spectral range. Therefore, a single reflection is always a phenomenon that should be eliminated.

The various types of reflections (from the tabletop and ceiling) that are present in the control room often result in acoustic staining similar to comb filtering. Although vertical reflections are generally difficult to hear, excessive single reflections should be avoided.

How to avoid single reflection?

Too strong single reflection can be solved in the following ways:

(1)Sound absorbing material on reflective surface

(2)Place a diffuser at the reflection point

(3)Control the direction of reflection so that it does not enter the ear or microphone

(4)In the recording, the microphone's directivity principle should be properly utilized to point the blind spot of the microphone pickup to the direction of the reflected sound source.



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