What Is Single-point Recording Method?

- Sep 29, 2018-

Single-point recording is one of the recording methods. In the early stage of mono recording, since we did not add any auxiliary enhanced microphones, we could only pick up the sound at one point, so we have the title of single-point recording. So, what kind of recording conditions do you need for single-point recording?

1. The distance between the microphone and the sound source must not exceed 17 meters. Once exceeded, a 50 millisecond delay is generated.

2. The microphone should be placed in the balance of the sound source. When moving the position of the microphone, move left and right to solve the horizontal balance ratio of the sound source, the movement of the height or the pitch, and solve the vertical balance ratio;

3. The microphone should be placed in the sound field where the ratio of direct sound to reflected sound is appropriate. Since our own studio has done sound absorption, we generally do not consider the problem of natural reverberation, but add it manually during the later mixing.

4. The last point is the position of the sound source. The position of the sound source is very important.

Single-point recording can choose two heart-shaped microphones to be placed in XY system. At the same time, you can also consider using a stereo microphone for single-point recording. It is time for the sound engineer to pay attention to the stereo image.



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