What Is Simulated Head Stereo?

- Jun 21, 2018-

The simulation head stereo is a method of generating a stereo signal using the bionics principle. A dummy head made of wood or plastic has a true diameter of about 18 cm, has an auricle and an ear canal, and has two ears at the ends of both ear canals. The same microphone (usually an omnidirectional or heart-shaped microphone), and then make the output of the two channels as left and right channel signals. 

The head-pickup method is a complex system of time and volume difference, and must be listened to with high-quality stereo headphones during playback. The sound heard by the listener is exactly the same as the sound picked up by the two ears of the head in the original sound field. The three-dimensional sense and the realistic feeling are strong. If two speakers are used for playback, the left and right ears of the listener can hear the sounds emitted from the left and right speakers in addition to hearing the sounds from the speakers. The sound coming from the fork and the ground causes the sound image to be felt to be different from the sound source in the original sound field, resulting in distortion of the sound image. The program recorded with the simulation head is infective, has a three-dimensional (vertical sense) sense, and is accurate in positioning, recording or transmitting a radio drama. The effect is very realistic, and in particular, the effect of reproducing moving audio and video is unmatched by other systems. However, the sense of distance from the sound is deviated and the noise stays behind the neck.



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