What Is Sampling Accuracy?

- Jul 03, 2018-

Since wave is a digital signal, it uses a bunch of numbers to describe the original analog signal, so it needs to analyze the original analog signal. We know that all sounds have their waveforms, and the digital signals are on the original analog signal waveforms. Perform "take points" every once in a while, give each point a value, which is "sampling", then connect all the "points" to describe the analog signal, very significant, taken in a certain period of time The more points, the more accurate the waveform is described. This standard is called “sampling accuracy”. Our most common sampling accuracy is 44.1KHz/s. It means that 44,100 samples are taken every second. The reason why this value is used is because through repeated experiments, people find that this sampling accuracy is the most appropriate. Below this value, there will be a significant loss, and the human ear is higher than this value. It has been difficult to distinguish and has increased the space occupied by digital audio.



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