What Is Reverberation Time Ratio?

- Aug 27, 2018-

In the room reverberation time indicator, the reverberation time based on the 500 Hz reverberation time is used to examine the index of the proportional relationship between the reverberation time of different frequencies and the reverberation time of 500 Hz. In general, the ratio of the bass reverberation time of the room to the reverberation time of 500 Hz should be greater than 1, and gradually increase as the frequency becomes lower; the ratio of the reverberation time of the treble to the reverberation time of 500 Hz It should be less than 1, and gradually become smaller as the frequency becomes higher. If this rule is not met, it indicates that the room has a sound defect. This is because during the reflection and propagation of the sound, the sound absorbing material and the air absorb more of the high frequency components in the sound, and the low frequency components absorb less, resulting in a long bass reverberation time and a short treble reverberation time. In the effect, the high-frequency reverberation time ratio, that is, the ratio of the high-frequency mixed wheezing time to the low-frequency reverberation time can be adjusted according to the actual situation. The larger the ratio (closer to 1), the slower the high-frequency attenuation process is. The opposite means that the high frequency decays quickly. In the application, the sound engineer can use it to correct the reverberation time ratio defect in the room, making the reverb effect sound more realistic and natural.



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