What Is Reverberation Room?

- Jun 22, 2018-

The reverberation room is a closed strong-reflection hard-wall structure. The walls are made of ceramic tile or hard cement. The floor is made of materials such as mosaics to create a strong reflection of sound and obtain a long, high-intensity reverb sound. The earliest artificial reverberation effect comes from the reverberation room. It is an artificial reverberation system made up of a room with sound insulation, uniform diffusion and a highly reflective surface, and a speaker and a microphone. The speakers in the room emit signals that need to be mixed. The microphone receives the direct sound from the speakers and the reflected sound from the walls, ceiling, and ground reflects the reverberation characteristics from the surface. The microphone with the stronger direction is used. The back-to-back speaker of the microphone can be used to minimize the direct sound received by the microphone. Some variable sound-absorbing materials can be installed in the reverberation room to control the reverberation time. The reverberation room can achieve good single reverb sound at medium and high frequencies. However, it has the disadvantages of large volume and unreliable reverberation time.



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