What Is Reverberation?

- Jul 13, 2018-

1. Reverberation sound field: The sound field is directly radiated into the indoor space. The sound field without any reflection is called the direct sound field, and is called the reverberation sound field after one or more reflections through the indoor interface.

2. Reverberation radius: In the indoor sound field, a critical distance can be found. At each point of this distance, the direct sound field is equal to the reverberation sound field. We call this distance the critical distance or the reverberation radius.

In the case where the indoor sound field is stable, the sound source stops sounding, and the phenomenon that the sound continues due to multiple reflections or scattering of sound is called reverberation.

Reverberation is an unrecognizable multiple reflections of the ear and the delay is the recognizable reflection of the ear.

3. The role of reverberation:

(1) Improve the loudness of the sense of hearing.

(2) Increase the warmth and intensity.

(3) The appropriate amount of reverberation can enhance the sense of layering and environment, and also plays a great role in judging the distance.



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