What Is Resonance Frequency?

- Oct 16, 2018-

Any partition wall has an inherent resonant frequency. When the frequency of the sound wave and the resonant frequency of the wall are the same, the wall will resonate as a whole, and the sound insulation of this frequency will be greatly reduced. Generally, the thicker the wall is, the lower the resonance frequency. When the resonance frequency is lower than the lower reference frequency of 100 Hz for the sound insulation evaluation, since the hearing characteristics of the human ear are not sensitive to the low frequency, the influence on the sound insulation amount Rw is greatly reduced. There are different resonance frequencies for two different areal density gypsum boards of 12 mm and 15 mm thickness. The surface density of 12mm gypsum board is 10kg/m2, and the surface density of 15mm gypsum board is about 12kg/m2. The resonance frequency of 15mm thick gypsum board wall is basically lower than the lower frequency range of 100Hz, so the resonance frequency is 15mm. The wall structure of the panel structure has less influence on the sound insulation performance. However, for the 12mm board, the sound insulation performance near 100Hz has a great influence, causing the sound insulation at low frequency 100Hz, 125Hz, 200Hz to drop more than the 15mm board, mainly because of the resonance frequency.



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