What Is Repeater?

- Jul 24, 2018-

Repeater is a device that amplifies or updates the data stream transmitted over the network so that it can be transmitted to more remote receivers. In general, the farther the signal is transmitted, the worse the quality is, and eventually it becomes unusable. According to the different intentions of users, repeaters are divided into many categories. For example, some wireless communication systems, such as cell phone signals, extend the transmission coverage through repeater sites. In a fiber optic system, a repeater is typically composed of a photocell, an amplifier, and an LED that forwards data. In digital systems, signals are often identified and then transmitted, primarily to avoid amplification of some noise and distortion as the signal is amplified. When the digital signal is recognized and then re-transmitted, its effect is the same as the newly emitted signal. Many sync devices have Jam synchronization capabilities and can therefore be used as a repeater....



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