What Is Recovery Time?

- Jun 22, 2018-

Recovery time refers to the time required after the input signal is removed and the gain of the limiter recovers to 37% of the initial gain. The time required for the limiter to recover from the compressed state to the uncompressed state is the time required for the compressor to recover. Usually between 0.1 seconds and a few seconds. If the recovery time is too long, the duration of the gain decline will be longer after the strong sound signal has passed. This will affect the reproduction of weaker sounds at the back, making these sounds inaudible, and the sound reverberation process will become short; if the recovery time exceeds The beat interval of music, due to the first beat of music, the compressor will enter the compressed state in the first shot, and the limiter will be in a compressed state for a long time (in the whole festival), and the sound will be soft. If the recovery time is too short, the gain will quickly recover and the sound will be more rigorous, but it will also produce different voice-over effects when the program is linked to the compressor.



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