What Is R-BUS?

- Aug 14, 2018-

R-BUS is a new 8-channel digital audio format from Roland, also known as RMDBII. Its jacks and cables are the same as Tascam's TDIF, and it also transmits 8-channel digital audio signals, but it has two new functions: First, the R-BUS port can be powered, so that when connecting some small devices when used on it, these small devices can be used without an external power supply. Second, in addition to digital audio signals, the R-BUS can simultaneously transmit operational control and synchronization signals.

When two devices are connected by the R-BUS port, the other device can be controlled on one device. For example, when Ro-land's VSR-880 multitrack machine is connected to Ro-land's VM series console via R-BUS, the multi-track machine can be directly controlled on the VM series console.



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