What Is Pressure Zone Microphone?

- Aug 27, 2018-

The pressure zone microphone is also called the interface microphone. A microphone picks up the sound according to the new principle. It consists of a miniature electret microphone and a reflector. The diaphragm of the microphone is placed in the pressure zone, facing the reflector, and only receiving the pressure zone. The sound pressure varies; the bandwidth depends on the interface size and the diameter of the microphone diaphragm. The size of the reflector determines its lower limit frequency, and the diaphragm diameter determines its upper limit frequency. Such microphones are generally placed on the ground or on the desktop. Compared with other microphones, they have the following advantages: (1) The frequency response curve is wide and flat because it does not have phase interference between the direct and reflected sounds. The comb filter effect is eliminated. (2) The sensitivity is increased by about 6 decibels, because the direct sound is the same as the reflected sound, and the far sound can still be clearly picked up. (3) There is no sound wave direction in the pressure zone, that is, it has a hemispherical directional characteristic, and the sound source moves semi-circularly along the microphone, and its output constant orientation angle can reach 120 degrees. (4) When the sound source moves, the elemental quality will not change. This is because the path of the direct sound and the reflected sound are equal, so the sound quality has nothing to do with the change of the sound source height and the direction of the peaceful coexistence. The pressure zone microphone is characterized by natural sound, bright and no dyeing, large dynamic range and wide range of sound pickup. It is suitable for professional audio fields such as recording and sound reinforcement. It has a wide range of pronunciation and better performance.



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