What Is PPM Peak Program Meter?

- Jun 21, 2018-

The PPM peak program meter represents the peak level of the sound signal level meter. Generally, there is an effective scale of 50dB. The nominal level (0dB) generally has 5dB margin to the full scale. The 0dB of the standard PPM meter is equivalent to a signal quasi-peak value of 1.55V, but the 0dB corresponding voltage value can be used in actual use. According to the specific situation to determine, the rise time of the PPM meter is very short, usually 1 to 10 milliseconds, and the fall time is longer, usually 1.5 seconds, which is convenient for the user to observe the peak changes, in order to avoid overload and clipping distortion caused by excessive signals. However, using it to judge the current volume change situation is inaccurate. When the PPM display value is large, the volume is not necessarily large.



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