What Is Plate-type Reverberator?

- Jun 20, 2018-

Plate-type reverberator Also known as the bending vibration of metal plates, it is of great significance in the development history of reverberators. The effect of metal plates in modern reverberators stems from this. The flexural vibration of the metal plate is used to provide bendable analog reverberation characteristics suitable for a variety of environmental requirements. The steel plate reverberator uses a steel plate 2 meters long, 1 meter wide and 0.5 to 1 millimeter thick. The material and dimensions are in strict accordance with the requirements of the high-density resonant frequency, the steel plate is hung by the spring vertically on the four corners of the steel frame, and the lifting should be balanced. Otherwise, the tone will be affected. When the signal is excited, a series of complex vibration waves will be changed. A piezoceramic pickup is installed nearby or on the other side of the steel plate. When the signal is excited, a series of complex vibration waves radiate around and reflect back and forth between the boundaries until the reverb state ends.

The reverberation time can be adjusted by changing the distance between the reverberation plate and another piece of the same size and parallel to each other and also the damping plate. The closer the two plates are to each other, the more frictional sound energy of air and more materials can absorb. Reverberation is also shorter. The steel plate reverberator is bulky and heavy, and can only be used in a fixed manner. There must be occasional soundproofing and anti-vibration measures when it is installed. In addition, it has acoustic staining.



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