What Is Piezo?

- Jul 09, 2018-

It is an abbreviation for piezoelectricity or piezoelectric effect. Piezoelectricity occurs when a substance is squeezed or mechanically pressed at one end and the other end releases a charge. When a voltage is applied to such a substance, vibration also occurs. Quartz is one of the well-known piezoelectric materials. It is usually made into small pieces called crystals for frequency standards. A crystal of a particular size and shape vibrates at a predictable and stable frequency when a voltage is applied. This makes crystal an ideal material for making digital audio equipment components such as watches or clocks.

Piezoelectric elements can also be used in a variety of frequency converters, such as phonograph cartridges, microphones and amplifiers. Piezoelectric microphones are small in size, have high output, and are low in cost; nevertheless, their frequency response is not ideal, so they cannot be used if the microphone requirements are strict. Piezoelectric loudspeakers are usually in the form of tweeters or higher frequency components. It is generally less distorted in the 5 kHz range and above, but is not widely used in sound reinforcement systems, in part because of its low output level. It takes dozens of dozens of piezoelectric tweeters to achieve the same output as a medium-sized compression drive.



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