What Is Phase-reversal Sound Box?

- Jun 20, 2018-

The phase-reversal sound box is equipped with an inverted hole speaker, and an additional sound hole (called inverted hole) is opened on the front panel of the sound box, and a sound guide tube (inverted tube) is installed behind the sound hole. ), constitutes a reverse-type speaker, through the inverted hole, you can send part of the sound inside the speaker out, and the speaker sound superimposed, the audio and music have increased, so that the electro-acoustic conversion efficiency is further improved. The air in the inverting tube forms an additional acoustic radiator. By properly designing the size of the inversion and the length of the tube, the phase of the sound wave in the inverting hole is inverted by 180 degrees, so that the sound wave radiated from the inverting hole is the same as the previous one. The superposition of sound waves enhances low-frequency sound radiation from the surface. Its main advantages are:

(1) Expand bass lower limit frequency, better bass effect.

(2) Reduced speaker amplitude distortion near the lower limit frequency, louder sound effects better than closed speakers.

(3) High sensitivity and high efficiency. The above advantages determine that the inverted-type speaker is widely used in professional and civilian speakers.



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