What Is Phase Distortion?

- Aug 27, 2018-

Phase distortion is the abbreviation of frequency phase distortion, which is an important aspect of the linear distortion of the audio system. Because the phase difference of the audio signals of different frequencies through the resistors and reactances is different, and the sounds of different frequencies of the speakers reach the listeners. The chronological order is different, which changes the phase relationship between the frequency components of the sound source sound, and the output sound signal waveform is no longer the same as the original sound waveform. The phase distortion will affect the tone of the reproduced sound (changing the phase relationship between the fundamental wave and the harmonics) and the sound image localization (the front and rear of the sound, the left and right order are confusing), and cause problems such as dead-wool blurring and high-pitched gradation. In the stereo playback system, phase distortion is particularly severe for the restored sound image localization. It is a distortion phenomenon that cannot be ignored.



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