What Is Parameter Equalization?

- Jul 24, 2018-

Parameter equalization allows you to choose a specific frequency that requires gain or truncation. For example, the EQ portion of the console may have two controls per segment: one for selecting the frequency and the other for increasing or cutting off the selected frequency. Note that although you often hear the name of a fully parametric equilibrium, it is actually an arc or semi-parametric equalization, not a full parametric equalization. The full parameter equalization has an additional control button for each segment: the Q value adjustment button, which is used to determine the width and width of the frequency band. When EQ increases or cuts off a selected frequency, it actually affects a set of frequencies (bands) around the selected frequency. It makes sense to understand this. The Q value adjustment button determines the band width. Semiparametric and full parametric equalization is typically used to adjust for a particular frequency without affecting the total sound.



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