What Is OTL Power Amplifier?

- Jun 23, 2018-

The OTL power amplifier is a push-pull amplifier without an output transformer. There is only one DC blocking capacitor between the output terminal and the speaker, making the power amplifier smaller in size and easier to cooperate with the integrated circuit. The frequency response is wide, the distortion is small, and it is not easy to Excited. The basic part is the complementary symmetry circuit, which can realize the work of two push-pull tubes alternately, output the waveform synthesis on the load, and the circuit efficiency is close to ideal. The utility circuit needs to use a single power supply, which needs to cooperate with adjusting the output stage of the composite tube and its operating point, and cooperate with the current limiting and the connection with the preamplifier stage to ensure high fidelity and appropriate power output. However, due to the effect of the output capacitor, the lower limit frequency is limited.



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