What Is OCL Power Amplifier?

- Aug 23, 2018-

The OCL power amplifier is a power amplifier with no output coupling capacitor. The direct coupling between the output stage and the speaker overcomes the shortcomings of the OTL power amplifier. It is an improvement of the OTL power amplifier, and the low-end frequency response of the output signal is greatly improved. This circuit uses a positive and negative polarity power supply to obtain a dc zero level. Due to the direct coupling of the circuit, the input circuit uses a differential circuit to reduce zero drift. However, this kind of power should pay full attention to the protection of the speaker during use. Otherwise, the speaker is easy to burn. In addition, it requires high circuit stability, so the performance index of the component must be guaranteed. This type of power amplifier is generally It is applied in the case of high sound quality and occasions.



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