What Is Noise-suppressing Dynamic Microphone?

- Jul 23, 2018-

The noise-suppressing dynamic microphone is also called a noise-canceling microphone. It mechanically tightens the diaphragm of the microphone so that it picks up sound in the plane wave sound field, and the sensitivity is 6dB/oct attenuation for frequencies below 1 kHz, so it Picking up spurious noise that is very prominent in the low frequency band can be attenuated. When speaking at a close distance (2~4cm) from the microphone, the microphone diaphragm is in the spherical wave sound field. Due to the close-talk effect of the differential pressure microphone, the low frequency sound is raised by 6dB/oct, thus obtaining a straight Low frequency response while suppressing noise pickup.

When using this type of microphone to record language in a noisy environment such as a car or an airport, a clearer speech can be obtained. Some microphone frequency response is also improved in the 1-3 kHz language band, which can get better clarity.



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