What Is Music Recording Studio?

- Nov 21, 2018-

The music recording studio can also be called a natural reverberation shed. It requires a huge volume and can produce reverberation itself. Therefore, the natural reverberation shed is characterized by its large size, irregular shape and small background noise, which itself can produce the reverberation time and frequency response characteristics required by music.

The sound recorded in the natural reverberation shed is closest to the effect of real performance. So sometimes, in order to record real effects, many other occasions are often used as recording studios, such as churches.

The recording studio is a place dedicated to recording, not a dedicated concert hall, so it is not designed to make the audience hear the best sound, just like a concert hall, but to consider the recording effect. In general, natural reverberation sheds are built to record the needs of large bands such as orchestras, and are generally larger.



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