What Is Multitrack Recording?

- Jul 13, 2018-

Multitrack recording is a technique in which several mono or two-channel stereos are separately picked up, recorded, and finally combined into one mono or one two-channel stereo recording.

From this point of view, our home studio will also use this multi-channel recording technology.

The workflow is generally as follows: grouping and classification of sound sources in the early stage picking up sounds from separate sound sources recording post-production (processing, modification or supplementing of previously recorded signals) mixing output A mono or stereo file engraved into Audio CD, or transcribed into tape or DAT.

In the home studio, the form of simultaneous recording is generally not used (but sometimes the small sample works can be recorded as such), but in the form of staged recording. The reasonable sequence of recordings should be:

(1) Signal track (the signal here is often referred to as "point", "dot")

(2) Rhythm instrument (can be recorded simultaneously with the signal track)

(3) Instruments with fixed pitch (such as piano, keyboard, etc.)

(4) Stringed instruments and wind instruments

(5) Vocals

That is to record the point first, or record the drum, then record the piano, then record the bass, then record the guitar and other accompaniment instruments, then record the main SOLO segment, and then sing.

You must not record a stringed instrument first, because a stringed instrument is prone to pitch shifting during performance, and its chording method and standard sounding are different from piano-like instruments, so if you first record a fixed pitch instrument, the stringed instrument will prevail.



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