What Is Multi-channel Microphone Recording?

- Jul 13, 2018-

This recording method is generally used for simultaneous recording of various instruments. This method is generally recorded in a fully enclosed, semi-closed and unclosed manner. For home recording, it is impossible to have such a large house to do a few small rooms to achieve full closure. Therefore, it is possible to use a semi-closed method of dividing a different instrument group to record by thickening a thick curtain. At the same time, in order to get a better sound image, we try to arrange natural sound image positioning.

Whether it is semi-closed or not closed recording, crosstalk is certain. So how many crosstalks are tolerable and feasible?

The standard of measure is:

Increasing or compressing the semaphore of a channel does not affect or significantly affect the semaphore variations of other channels.

Changing the position of the PAN sound image of a certain channel does not cause other sound image changes or cause confusion of the sound image.

Also note:

(1) The sound level is attenuated by 5-6dB for each doubling of the sound source distance. Sound sources with opposite sounds should try to pull apart the distance between them.

(2) Microphones should use close-range, super-directional microphones.

(3) The levels between the microphones should be similar or equal, so don't be strong or weak.

(4) The preliminary audition work is the most important.



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