What Is Moving-coil Loudspeaker?

- Jun 21, 2018-

When the audio current flows through the voice coil, under the action of the magnetic field, vibration is generated with the change of the current, and the vibration of the cone is driven to make a sound, which is composed of a permanent magnet, a voice coil, a paper basin, and the like. The voice coil is generally made of an enameled wire wound on the tube, and is held by the elastic centering support (reed) in the magnetic field of the magnetic air gap of the magnetic circuit. The electric speaker has good electrospinning properties and is widely used. Among them, the permanent magnet of the internal magnetic speaker is placed inside the soft iron magnetic circuit, the volume is small, and there is no stray magnetic field influence on the outside. According to the magnetic circuit structure can be divided into internal magnetic, external magnetic; according to the paper basin type can be divided into exponential and linear, round and oval; according to radiation can be divided into direct type (such as paper basin type) and reflection Type (such as horn type) and so on.



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