What Is Monophonic Recording?

- Jun 20, 2018-

Multiple microphones are used to pick up the music of a single instrument or a group of instruments, respectively, and send them to the mixing console. Then the picked-up sound is synthesized through the sound platform and input into a monophonic recorder for recording. For early recording methods, it is more difficult to make larger adjustments, processing, and polishes for the recordings, because once the characteristics, position, and mixing ratio of the microphones are determined, the recording effect cannot be basically changed, and there is little room for later processing. . In the mono recording process, as long as one actor has made a mistake or has struck a noise, the whole program or one of the segments must be recorded and played again. Therefore, the mono recording is inefficient, the cost is high, and the quality cannot be guaranteed. . In recent years, professional recording has generally adopted multi-channel recording technology.



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