What Is Microsoft Sound Effect?

- Aug 02, 2018-

Microsoft sound effect technology contains three aspects:

3D Surround: Advanced space surround technology breaks the previous two-channel music experience, producing 3D stereoscopic space effects, creating a rich and fulfilling sense of hearing and music.

Pure bass: Through the adjustable bass booster, the bass is reproduced, the depth of the music is highlighted, and the bass is more powerful, thus optimizing the problem caused by insufficient listening sound.

Volume balance: The volume can be recorded at different volume levels, so that different playback content can achieve balanced and coordinated volume effect, and the humanized features are more pampered to the listener's ears.

The exciting musical performance of these technologies compensates for the lack of sound in the low-frequency sound spectrum of the headphones, and automatically adjusts the sound source recorded at different volume levels to the same auditory loudness.



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